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Spi­ral Galaxy IC342 at the Kitt Peak National Observatory

Spi­ral Galaxy IC342 is located roughly 11 mil­lion light-​years from Earth in the con­stel­la­tion Camelopardalis, “the giraffe.” Its face-​on appear­ance in the sky — as opposed to our tilted and edge-​on views of many other nearby galax­ies, such as the large spi­ral galaxy Androm­eda (M31) — makes IC342 a prime tar­get for stud­ies of star for­ma­tion and astrochemistry.

The image, obtained in late 2006, was taken using the 64-​megapixel Mosaic-​1 dig­i­tal imager on the May­all 4-​meter telescope.