This page com­ing when­ever it comes.

All my offi­cial and unof­fi­cial acronyms

A.D.H.D. or M.F.D. (my fist-​full of Daisies)

T.M.J. or M.J.I.D.M.N. (my jaw is dri­ving me nuts)

P.T.S.D. or B.P.M. (being prop­erly mor­ti­fied (that I spent six min­utes of my young life pre­pared to make omni­cide more effi­cient after, from where we sit­ting, the Soviet Union had just launched a decap­i­tat­ing strike from known Soviet sub­marines sites in the North Atlantic).

M.S. I’ll keep that Mul­ti­ple Scle­ro­sis which means “many scars” and is quite a poetic name for an auto-​immune neu­ro­log­i­cal dis­or­der that will kill me if some­thing else doesn’t kill me first.

And last, but not least (I can’t wait for this one to show up in the diag­nos­tic man­ual) T.M.A. or too many acronyms. Per­haps it could be called Wiley’s Con­di­tion because I coined it.