incite! courtney morris. why misogynists make great informants.

by Court­ney Desiree Mor­ris
Court­ney Mor­ris is a writer and com­mu­nity orga­nizer liv­ing in Austin, TX and Blue­fields, Nicaragua.

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Why Misog­y­nists Make Great Infor­mants: How Gen­der Vio­lence on the Left Enables State Vio­lence in Rad­i­cal Movements


Maybe it isn’t that infor­mants are dif­fi­cult to spot but rather that we have col­lec­tively ignored the signs that give them away. To save our move­ments, we need to come to terms with the con­nec­tions between gen­der vio­lence, male priv­i­lege, and the strate­gies that infor­mants (and peo­ple who just act like them) use to desta­bi­lize rad­i­cal move­ments. Time and again het­ero­sex­ual men in rad­i­cal move­ments have been allowed to assert their priv­i­lege and sub­or­di­nate oth­ers. Despite all that we say to the con­trary, the fact is that rad­i­cal social move­ments and orga­ni­za­tions in the United States have refused to seri­ously address gen­der vio­lence [1] as a threat to the sur­vival of our strug­gles. We’ve treated misog­yny, homo­pho­bia, and het­ero­sex­ism as lesser evils — sec­ondary issues — that will even­tu­ally take care of them­selves or fade into the back­ground once the “real” issues — racism, the police, class inequal­ity, U.S. wars of aggres­sion — are resolved. There are seri­ous con­se­quences for choos­ing igno­rance. Misog­yny and homo­pho­bia are cen­tral to the repro­duc­tion of vio­lence in rad­i­cal activist com­mu­ni­ties. Scratch a misog­y­nist and you’ll find a homo­phobe. Scratch a lit­tle deeper and you might find the mak­ings of a future infor­mant (or some­one who just desta­bi­lizes move­ments like infor­mants do).